Discover The Benefits

Credit Unions First offers a cloud-based management platform and various financial services, including revenue opportunities and insurance services. We promise transparency and excellent customer service.

CU Benefits

  • More Control of Your Collateral Protection Plan
  • Credit Union Customizes the Plan with Complete Coverage Options and Flexible Pricing
  • Non-Interest Income by Posting Unused Premium Reserves to Your Books
  • Protected Loan Loss Reserves
  • New Efficiencies
  • Employee and Member Friendly Services
  • Compliant And Not a Target of The CFPB, Unlike Force-Placed CPI
  • Experience Reduced Loan Delinquencies and Repossessions
  • Real-Time Cloud-Based Program Performance Data – 24/7/365

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Compare Your Plan

Post New Reserves No Yes
Manage Risk No Yes
Non Interest Income No Yes
24/7/365 Platform No Yes
Control No Yes
Loan Delinquency Higher Lower
Repossessions Higher Lower
Premiums Expensive Competitive